A2 Bilona Ghee – Our Process of Making

Bilona Ghee is known as Desi A2 Gir Cow Ghee, is made utilizing the age-old Bilona Method and is a crucial ingredient that is 100% pure. The Best desi gir cow ghee in India is used to naturally obtain cow’s milk in this technique. The milk is then cooked, cooled, and given a tablespoon of curd before being refrigerated for the night. After that, using Ravaiya, the curd is separated from buttermilk. After boiling the butter, only pure ghee is left. The “Bilona” best A2 desi cow ghee is a pure form of ghee that not only improves food flavor but also keeps a person physically and mentally fit. The daily use of A2 cow Ghee is regarded as an essential component of one’s regimen. It is also used as a natural moisturizer for the skin and hair.

Vedic Bilona two-way Hand Churned Ghee

Our ghee processed completely Hand churned using Bilona Method . It follows the two-way hand churning process in making A2 Ghee from A2 milk produced by Gir Cows. The churning in the process is done using an earthen pot called Ravaiya in two motions- clockwise and anticlockwise.

1. Good for overall functioning of the body.
2. Maintains a healthy GUT.
3. Glowing and hydrated skin inside out.
4. Build Immunity and Improves Digestion.
5. Breaks down extra Fat from the body.
6. Natural Anti Oxidant.
7. Prevent the cause of Heart Problems.
8. Reduces Serum Cholesterol.
9. Boost Metabolism and provide Instant Energy.
10.It is used as an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and B12.

A2 Bilona Ghee - Health benefits

A2 cow ghee is known to contain numerous health benefits. That helps fulfill our daily health requirements by enriching our bodies with various nutrients. A2 cow ghee is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and bad cholesterol in our hearts. So, as per measuring the benefits, A2 cow ghee is always the better alternative than regular ghee. So without taking precious time out of your precious day, let’s dive into a deeper definition and discussion of “A2 Cow Ghee Health Benefits.”

In Ayurveda A2, cow ghee is the most treasured food containing several body-healing properties. A2 cow ghee contains cow milk that contains A2 beta-casein protein. As per various researches, it has been proven that A2 beta-casein protein is much better than A1 beta-casein protein. Because in a survey, it has been proven that A1 beta-casein protein is harmful to take regularly. Even so, it might cause major health issues in the future if taken regularly.

It is believed that A2 cow ghee contains numerous health benefits over regular cow ghee. Because A2 cow ghee contains desi milk, it’s much better than regular ghee. However, the European food authority has said that taking A2 cow ghee regularly must not cause any side effects and must not negatively impact our health. So, without any doubt, it can be said that A2 cow ghee is much better than regular cow ghee because it contains numerous health benefits. A2 cow ghee is tastier and healthier and good for digestion.

Health Advantages of A2 Cow Ghee

It helps to boost immunity

A2 cow ghee contains several vitamins like vitamins A, E, K, and D. The vitamins present in A2 cow ghee help fulfill your daily nutrition requirements and boost your immunity power. Even the vitamins in A2 cow ghee play a major part in proper brain functioning and heart health. So, as per reading these facts, anyone can understand that A2 cow ghee helps boost daily immunity and increase bone density

Reduce digestive problems

Regular cow ghee may be difficult to digest and may even cause several serious health problems. While A2 cow ghee is popular, it can be digested without causing trouble like regular cow ghee. The lactic acid present in A2 desi ghee, aids the digestive system and also helps maintain a good metabolism of the body. It can also accelerate digestion and reduce the problem of high acidity, bloating, etc.

That is the core reason A2 cow ghee is one of the ideal choices for youngsters and adults. A2 cow ghee helps to digest your food properly and reduces the risk of constipation issues. A2 cow ghee is enriched with detoxifying properties, becoming a major part of nourishment.

Increased heart health

Taking regular ghee daily may affect your heart health because regular fat is not good for your heart health. It might even cause major heart health issues like cardiac arrest or increase bad cholesterol in your heart because bad cholesterol increases the risk of major heart failure. And because taking regular ghee might increase your obesity, you can’t fulfill your dietary goals.

Weight-loss: Ghee is a significant source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Studies have shown that CLA may help combat obesity. Some studies also indicate that CLA found in ghee may help reduce excessive weight gain.

Zero preservatives: A2 desi cow ghee is usually free of all preservatives including butyl hydroxyl anisole (BttA), that is used in commercial ghee to increase shelf-life.

Lactose-free: Ghee prepared from the cow milk, that is first fermented to make dahi/curd, has zero lactose. The process of fermentation converts the lactose molecules, present in the milk, to lactic acid. Ghee made from such a process is free of any lactose and can be safely consumed by lactose intolerant individuals.

Rich source of natural iodine: Typically, a good quality and pure A2 ghee is prepared from the milk of grass-fed cows, that makes it a rich source of plant-based Iodine which ranges from 35.53 to 41.24 as compared to buffalo ghee that only ranges from 30.14 to 36.48 Easy digestion: Unlike buffalo milk, cow milk is easier to digest. And hence ghee made from cow milk is more easy to digest.

Omega-3 fatty acids

In this case, A2 cow ghee can be a better alternative than your regular cow ghee. Because A2 cow ghee, Omega-3 fatty acids help lower bad cholesterol in your heart. And also helps to provide a healthy boost to the heart. So substitute your regular ghee with the heart-beneficial A2 cow ghee to lead a better and healthier life ahead.

Improved brain function

As per nutrition research, it has been proven that regular consumption of A2 cow ghee may nourish the nervous system and enhance a person’s cognitive functioning. Also, as a health benefit of A2 cow ghee, it will help to increase memory, intellect, and concentration power.



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